Welcome to the picFX tutorial!

Latest update:23.06.2001

Chapter one: Introduction

  1.1: Introduction
1.2: What can't be done with picFX
1.3: Simple spreads

Chapter two: Mathematical function summary

  2.1: Four operators
  2.2: Trigonometric functions
  2.3: Min, Max, Modulo, Abs
  2.4: Other functions

Chapter three: Simple graphs for a start

3.1: Monochrome graphs
3.2: Implicit functions
3.3: Playing with tanh (new!)

Chapter four: Inter-referencing

  4.1: Having fun with colours
  4.2: Convolutions
  4.3: Linear transformations

Chapter five: Using masks

  5.1: Selection masks
  5.2: Translation masks
  5.3: Absolute masks